When the cows put their legs on the grass and saw the sky for the first time in 6 months, they showed an unexpected reaction

It’s so exciting to see the cows’ reactions, when they got outside after a long break.

It was a really cold and frozen period in Netherlands, and animals couldn’t survive in such an awful weather. So the poor cows also had to be locked inside, and wait for the sunny days. Fortunately, that happened, and they had an opportunity to go outside and enjoy fresh air and sunny days after six months.
Even some people came to see what kind of reaction they would show.

Luckily, this amazing scene was captured on camera and a great number of viewers enjoyed it, too. When the cows put their legs on the grass, they began to jump with happiness. No one could expect such a touching reaction. They were so happy to see the blue sky, the green grass and many smiling people around them.

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