When the couple let their dog go outside, he ran to the neighbour’s fence. What they discovered later melted their hearts

The doggy always went to their neighbour’s fence for a cute purpose.

Meet Pax, a crazy doggy, who used to go to their neighbour’s fence and it surprised his owners. And one day they decided to follow Pax and what they found out made them speechless.

As it turned out the dog had a lover and he went to see her, who lives in their neigbourhood. Every day two years old Pax met his lovely doggy through the fence.

Because they only communicated through the fence, the owners decided to give them an opportunity to see each other freely.

So now the cuties see each other frequently without any fence and no one and nothing can divide them. They enjoy their time by playing, running and even eating together. They are the best couple ever!
That’s really amazing!

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