What an incredible story: dog finds comfort and peace in adorable kid

Dogs, these soft as well as loving creatures, frequently support people to survive hard periods with their comprehension and geniality.

They bring happiness and hope to our lives when there is emptiness.

And there comes a hard period for them as well when these amazing creatures need our support and comprehension.

Meet Nora, a dog with a troubled past, and 1-year-old baby Archie. Their companionship started from the moment they got to know each other.

The story of this adorable duo proves once again how powerful the bond between humans and dogs can be.

Nora has had a very difficult life. She was brutally treated by ex-owners whose constant insults had a fatal effect on her emotional sphere.

Nora was frightened and mated, she was afraid of everything and everyone.

When someone wanted to approach him, he started to beat because he was afraid.

But her life changed when one day she met Archie.

This cutest baby, who was a quite peaceful, generous, calm tiny creature, could support Nora in forgetting her past, and becoming calm and trustworthy.

The time when they met, Nora fell in love with a little boy and became very attached to him.

His frivolity had a good influence on Nora, and they shortly became indivisible companions.

Day by day, their wonderful contact enhanced and caused both of them happiness and joy.

Nora admired Archie. She went after him wherever he went, when he bathed, she was next to him, he ate, she is here again.

Archie changed Nora’s troubled life by making her feel safe and secure, so she got over her painful past.

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