These two dogs found each other in the haven and are waiting for their forever family

A proof that you can meet love in the most unanticipated periods of your life.

Not so long ago, a shot of two dogs cuddling up to each other in bed became popular after being shared on Facebook. The names of the dogs are Agatha and Jukebox and they are living in Pima Animal Care Facility in Tucson, Arizona.

Two pups carried to haven one by one. Agatha was denied by the masters, and the Jukebox was unhoused. Though, they rapidly became friends when they introduced each other at the haven.

“Usually, when a couple of dogs connected by marriage get into the haven, they live their emtire lives jointly,” the head of Animal Welfare Kristen Hassen-Auerbach told Dodo.

One day they met in a playgroup and from the second they saw each other, they became indivisible.”

These two pups found solace in each other’s presence, and their bond was undeniable. Although it is difficult to get used to life in the haven, their enhancing companionship rapidly overcame any anxiety and depression.

That’s why they always want to be affiliated and live with each other.

The personnel of the haven hope that the awareness on the Internet will assist the two pups to find an eternal home together. Meanwhile, the dogs are doing everything possible so that possible adoptive parents who accidentally pass by their kennel fall in love with them.

“We’re just searching for a family that will know their value as we do,” Hassen Auerbach said.

When one of us is having a hard period or we feel gloomy, we just go to sight the dogs together and just calm down.”:

The dogs can be affiliated together or one by one. However, we hope they can be provided with forever home together. If you have a desire to affiliate them and you live in the Pima area, it is recommended to look into the haven.

Possible owners outside the state can send message to:

This occasion is a proof that you can meet love in the most unanticipated periods of your life. Please be kind to share this story and be sure to allow us be aware of your opinions in the comments.

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