The woman saw a wet dog sitting on the side of the road with something around its neck: what it turned out later was awful!

The dog survived, passing through many trials.

It was an ordinary day for a woman named Audra Petrakien, who was driving her car near her house, when noticed a poor animal sitting on the roadside completely wet.
The woman decided to stop her car to see what happened with the cutie.
And what it turned out later was terrible.

When she approached him, noticed an anchor around his neck. It was obvious someone wanted to drown the poor animal in a nearby river. That’s awful!

But the most shocking thing was how the dog could survive in such an awful condition and how he stayed alive. The woman called him “great warrior” for his braveness.

Petrakien took the poor animal home, removed the anchor from his neck and took him to the vet for checking.

Luckily, the cutie didn’t have serious injuries and now he is in recovery process and stays under the strong care of the kind woman.

Petrakien informed special organisations about the case and hopes that the perpetrator will definitely get his/her punishment.

Now the dog is safe and protected and has everything he needs. As for Petrakien, she does her best for the dog’s happiness.

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