The man was kind to the stray dog, and the dog responded him in the same way. That’s exciting!

The dog answered to the man’s kindness in a cute way.

When Mohd Ridhuan was spending his time with his friends on a beach in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, he noticed a group of stray dogs, who needed help. The man couldn’t stay indifferent about the poor animals, as he adores dogs.

Ridhuan decided to approach them being sure that he would be followed by them, but this didn’t happen and it was really surprising.

Although the dogs’ eyes started to shine with happiness, they didn’t follow their rescuer. They only shook their tails when saw the man.

Ridhuan came to the beach more frequently, feed and took care about them, but one of them named Sally loved him more than others.

Sally began to visit the man’s workplace, a store near the beach, more often than before. He looked at Ridhuan with his sad eyes as he wanted to warn his beloved man to be more careful especially when he’s alone.

The dog patiently waited for his rescuer in front of the store until he would finish.

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