The man found a helpless baby bear and what he did for the cutie was really exciting  

The bear cub met the kindhearted man, and his life completely changed.

 It was a lucky day for the baby bear, who was noticed by a farmer named Nikolay from Borisovsky region, Belarus. The man hurried to help the poor animal seeing that he couldn’t survive alone. He took the baby to his farm and since then his happy life began.

The farmer looked for his mom everywhere, but useless, and the only thing he could do was keeping the cub in their farm, which was so pleasant both for the man and the little animal.

He called the baby Vasilisa.

The little bear found his comfort in the man’s farm enjoying his carefree life with other bear cubs. The most important thing is that the cutie is healthy and funny, and he is so happy to have such a caring owner and a loving family.

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