The hungry catty entered the market to steal food, but an unforeseen event thwarted his plan. So funny!  

The smart catty could secretly enter the market, but he failed to achieve his goal.

Once, a funny case took place in one of the stores in England. A hungry catty managed to enter the store without being noticed by the staff. He wanted to steal cat food, but when he approached it, something amazing happened, that disturbed him to achieve his goal.

The poor animal immediately fell asleep just next to his selected food.

First he looked for his favourite one, found it, then managed to drop it, but when it was time to take it and ran away, he suddenly slept.

One of the workers noticed the sleeping baby and informed the staff about his visit. As it turned out, it wasn’t the first time that the catty came there, but it was the first time he came for only one purpose.

Poor catty! He passed through many difficulties, but his plan failed.

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