The adorable cat with a strange face wants a family and wants to be loved

Meet the adorable cat named Kaya who is so sweet and will attract your heart with her story. This cat has not had an easy life.

She was born with an inborn abnormality of the face, and because of this, no one likes her. But she has a unique face, and this feature makes her unique.

Kaya is so upset presently. Nobody wants to affiliate this special cat.

The founder of TO Rescue (Ontario Rescue) Odelkis Barrera, instantly was eager to assist the cat after glancing at her pictures on the Internet.

The cat looked very weak and dehydrated. Kaya’s body was also covered in fleas and ticks.

But she’s so intelligent and full of energy.

“Not only is she the prettiest cat, but she is also incredibly wonderful. Everyone who meets her falls in love with her,” wrote the rescuer. „She gets along well with her foster families as well as other cats and dogs.“

Kaya has a pleasant personality and loves to play. Kaya desires just one thing presently: to be affiliated. The cat wants a family where she will be loved.

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