It will melt your heart to see what this man did for a paralyzed rabbit. He is a real hero!

The frozen and paralyzed bunny determined to live and he did it.

Meet Wheelz, a brave bunny, who was found frozen and defenceless by a caring farmer in US. It was unknown why he was in such an awful condition: he was probably thrown away by an older rabbit and stayed helpless.

But the strong animal wanted to live, even if paralysed, but the kind farmer didn’t pay attention to it and took him home and decided to keep as a pet.

That wasn’t all that the man did for the baby. He gave Wheelz a small skateboard wheelchair which helps him to walk and do whatever he wants. His action is really heroic and he posted the story on Facebook saying that each of us must protect animals who are in need and take care about our wildlife. If you keep a pet at home, it must feel safe and comfort next to you.

Fortunately, Wheelz is now in the safe hands and enjoys his life with his caring owner.

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