After losing her husband, an 81 years old woman found her solace befriending with an amazing creature

The man was captured by a wonderful friendship between a lonely woman and a stag.

Mette Kvam, an 81 years old woman, enjoys her senility in her mountainside house, just after she lost her husband. Since then she found her comfort with an amazing animal, a wild stag, who became her undivided part.

The crazy animal always visits his old woman for being loved and caressed. Their bond is so strong that captured Britt Haugsevje Vangen’d attention, a 52 years old man, who took a nice video of this adorable couple and after sharing it on social media, it became so popular.

The deer is so devoted to the woman and keeps visiting her each day bringing much love and happiness to her.

Enjoy the video! It will fill your day with happiness.

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