A new cozy home for a kitten living in the street

A kind man, that found a small kitten and took the his house

A caring man was an animal lover listened a voice of a kitten meowing in the street and went to the street to check.

The fuss came from the trash and when he went closer he saw a small, dirty kitten. He shouted out and the kitten immediately raced over to him. He was really hungry, as it was clear by his refusal to refuse the food the man had brought with him.

The guy searched for the mother kitten, thinking that the mother could have lost her baby, but there wasn’t any up and down the street.

He decided, that the best decision will be taking the pure kitten home. He was very dirty and it was clear, that he was alone on his own for some time.

The guy decided to take the kitten to the vet and it turned out, that he was two months old. They washed him, as he was not only dirty, bit also infected with fleas.

He was kept at the clinic for a few days to treat his eye infection and internal parasites with medication. And now it it time to find a home for this little cat.

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