The poor doggy was found in an extremely serious condition, but, fortunately, the rescuers arrived on time

 Only a heartless person could do that. That’s terrible!

The case took place on a West Oahu beach, where a miserable doggy, who was buried alive, was found by the rescuers, who were shocked by his awful condition. He was ill, dehydrated and without fur.

Who could do such a heartless action? The rescuers had some thoughts that the person  even cut him.

Fortunately, the poor creature got the appropriate treatment and now he feels good and healthy.

They called him Leialoha which means  lovely child.

The doggy’s whole body was sunburned and there was no fur on it.

The vets started to act quickly because the cutie’s life was in danger.

However, thanks to the caring people the animal was cured and now he is healthy and strong.

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