The fox’s visit to the pub was quite unexpected and what he wanted was very amazing

The friendly fox came to the bar for a very interesting purpose.

It’s known that foxes have become people’s lovely animals and are not considered wild any more. They got used to communicate with humans and there are many foxes in almost every continent.

People don’t treat them badly and even they don’t afraid of them any more.

We all know that these animals are very cunning and are ready to do everything to achieve their goals.

They can be found not only in villages, but also in big cities: for example in London or in Edinburgh. As a result, they have learnt how to live among people, even they enter houses and steal food or something else.

Because of this, they become heroes of many stories, which are both amazing and funny.

Here is an interesting story about such a crazy fox, who invited itself to The Star bar in Malden Rushett, London.

At that time a 40 years old man named Gary Sines and his friend named Lindsay Rolfe were drinking when they noticed their new guest and got surprised.

The most interesting thing was that the cutie didn’t want to harm them, on the contrary, it only wanted to be loved and caressed by the men.

Though foxes belong to the Canidae family, which includes dogs and wolves, too, they are not considered pets and known as wild animals, because they are not as friendly as dogs.

Their presence in big cities is very necessary and useful, because they control the number of the mice and rats.

Foxes feel happy and comfortable in the big cities, because all they need they can find there easier than somewhere else.

This case shows everyone that they aren’t harmful if the people treat them well, like this man, who was both frightened and amazed, but he fulfilled the cutie’s dream.

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