The 80-Year-Old Tortoise of Endangered Species Gave Birth to Wonderful Cubs for the First Time

The old turtle became a mother for the first time in her life

It’s not a secret that turtles live quite long and some of them may even live for 100 years. When they get older, they just enjoy the rest of their lives without taking any responsibility, especially for new cubs. Nevertheless, the tortoise of today’s story is an exception, because she first gave birth to cubs at the age of 80. This is the case when you really realize that age doesn’t matter and it’s just a number.

The birth of animals, who belong to endangered species is not only the happiness occasion for mother animals, but also for all real wildlife lovers. This story is about an old heroic turtle, who gave birth to children at the age of 80.

There are only about 10 Galapagos tortoises left in the world and it turns out that the tortoise of this species give birth only after 40 years. Despite her old age, the caring mommy takes such proper care of her wonderful children and treats them only with love, warmth and responsibility.

It is so good to know that these wonderful turtles continue to exist thanks to kind and caring people.

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