The 47-Year-Old Uniquely Wonderful Oregon Zoo Chimpanzee Left His Beloved Zoo Workers Alone

We are so sorry! – Leah the oldest residents of the Oregon Zoo passed away

There are sometimes difficult situations, which we hardly put up with and this touching story is one of such cases. The death of the Oregon Zoo oldest chimpanzee, is a great loss not only for the zoo as a whole, but especially for her care team. The zoo’s head veterinarian named Dr. Carlos Sanchez, told about the zoo’s personnel sad feelings.

“We try to soothe ourselves that we did everything we could for Leah the old cutie and that she passed away peacefully in her sleep.” – the vet tells.

Those workers who were responsible for her care told that when the cutie was around them, she literally filled their day with endless joy, laughter and optimism with her behavior.

Leah was one of the most famous and loved animals in the zoo. She was so uniquely wonderful and despite her old age she always stayed very active, dynamic and soo attractive.

As the Association of Zoos and Aquariums state, female chimpanzees have a life expectancy of 41.7 years, whereas wild chimps have shorter life expectancy – 33 years.

“The wonderful cutie’s age tells a lot about the great care she’s had during all these years,” – told Dr. Sanchez.

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