Mother hen provides a safe haven for homeless kittens and keeps them warm

Chicken mother and her kittens

Animals can be odd at times. They’re unusual, but they give some of the most important exchanges you’ll ever witness.

It may seem like something from a fairy tale when a chicken looks for three little kittens, but it occurred in this landowner’s farm. The man even recorded the sweet incident, which went viral on the internet!

There are many creatures living happily together on Goran A. Surchi’s property. However, when three homeless cats required assistance, a mother hen jumped in to give them with a shelter and comfort.

Goran went to investigate after hearing the kittens whimpering. The sounds were coming from the chicken coop, he discovered. Initially, he was concerned that Lee, the chicken, and her young were in trouble. However, it was far from the truth! Surprisingly, the mother hen decided to care for the newborn babies. The rancher quickly captured the incident on film so that he wouldn’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

The three cats had been abandoned after their mom passed. The chicken was there for them since all the moms are compassionate!

Goran uploaded the touching video, and everybody is enamoured with how this mother hen loves her babies.



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