After being returned four times, a paralyzed dog eventually finds a forever home, and he is now content.

About a paralyzed dog…

Introducing Bandit, a cheerful dog who has had a tough existence. He had only one wish in life: to have a wonderful permanent home.

This dog had a number of major medical conditions that left him paralyzed underneath the knees.

However, after being repatriated four times, this dog experienced something very remarkable. He has eventually found a wonderful house.

Bandit was adopted by a guy, and they both need wheelchairs to go about.

“The most remarkable aspect of Bandit is that both he and I both have immobility and need to use a wheelchair to get around,” Darrell explained. “Susan and I understand what it’s like to live in a chair, so we understood what Bandit required.” We definitely sensed a much stronger bond.”

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