When Caught in a Heavy Traffic a Caring Guy Noticed a Bald Eagle and Rescued Her

An animal enthusiast saved an eagle’s life when caught in a traffic

A red and black jacket is Dandon Miller’s favorite item of costume. He has been owning the shirt for 8 years and wears it almost every day, but the guy could never imagine that his favorite shirt would be used to save a life.

One day when Miller was driving home from Philadelphia he got stuck in traffic and pulled over to the side of the two-way roadway. The man was just marveled when he found out what was the reason of the heavy traffic.

“I looked down to find out why everyone was stopping there and saw that there was a bald eagle in the center of the road and everyone was gathering around him.”- told Miller.

The man is a real animal enthusiast and he realized that he had to rescue the injured bird to escape the possible dangerous results.

The huge animal was extremely damaged and he wasn’t able to fly. The kind and caring guy took off his favorite jacket and drape it over the cutie. To Miller’s surprise, the wonderful bird stayed very calm while he was wrapping her in the jacket.

After moving the wonderful eagle off the road Miller phoned 911 and also contacted the local wild bird rehabilitation centre called Tri-State Bird Rescue and Research. Before the rescuers arrived Miller had been holding the 15-pound huge bird for more than 45 minutes.

“I wasn’t actually thinking about myself and if it was dangerous to hold the enormous animal in my arms, I was just trying to keep her quiet and assure her that she was safe and that I wasn’t going to harm her.”- told the man.

“It was literally incredible to see the gorgeous bird so peaceful and calm and I am so glad I could assist to save the cutie’s life.”- continued Miller.

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