This is a dog, that was popular on the Internet, despite being bald and short-legged

The distinguished dog with a happy face

This dog attracted people with its unbelievable charm and a cute odd bald stripe just in the middleman of his head.

People adore him, no matter he stands motionless or smiles pleasantly.

This dog melted people’s hearts with his attractiveness and a cute bald stripe on his head. So followers seek any information about him on the Internet.

This affordable dog is from Thailand and was named Precious. Many people would be amazed by knowing, that he is a husky. The dog is now two years old.

The cute dog lives with his four brothers, that are very dissimilar with him. Anyone’s heart would melt by seeing the family photo of these five dog brothers.

Precious is a very kind and peaceful dog. He is almost happy all the time and one may fall in love with his cute appearance from the first sight.

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