This cute puppy was born with two noses and managed to survive thanks to humans

The adorable puppy with two noses

This cute dog’s name is Popi. He is very beautiful, but he has a little physical impediment.

His owners love him so much, that they will do everything to make him feel good.

Popi was born in England. His owner’s name is Jessica Wheatley, who is a dog breeder and she said, that she hasn’t seen such an animal in her whole career.

Dogs are usually fed by a breast milk, but this animal couldn’t be fed so.

He was crying and after an examination it turned out, that he had problems with his nose.

Popi was fed with a special syringe when he was a child and when he gets a little fat he will be operated and everything would be fine.

He is very smart and friendly dog and happily he had a good owner, who was also his best friend.

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