The Shelter Doggy Noticed a Girl Who Had a Panic Attack and Immediately Rushed to the Rescue

The dog from a shelter rushed to help a girl who was in panic

This touching story is about a doggy named Picasso, who was found on the street by the workers of the local animal shelter.

The cutie didn’t have a collar and no one had been looking for him for a ling time.

One day when the shelter workers were walking their doggies, Picasso noticed a stranger who was sitting on a bench and immediately ran towards him.

Picasso managed to move under her body to support the girl and a few minutes later the girl started to feel better.

Fortunately, the doggy noticed that the girl was feeling bad and if  not for this wonderful creature, the girl named Abby would have fallen on the ground and hit her face,”-told Abby’s mother.

When Abby felt the kindness and warmth of the doggy she began to pet him and she gradually began to calm down.

However, the girl couldn’t forget the kind deed of her rescuer and the following day she went to the shelter to express her gratitude.

When Picasso the doggy  noticed Abby, he immediately ran towards her and hugged the girl.

At the very moment, the girl realized that the doggy should go home with her.

“Now, I am extremely happy that the cutie chose me,”-told Abby.

Now, both of them are extremely happy and they are only giving lots of warmth, care and love to each other.

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