The pure dog got lost during the strong snowfall and a kind woman saved him

A kind hearted woman saved a stray dog, that was wandering during the heavy storm

A woman named Kristine was going home one day when she saw a pure dog on the busy road.

The Labrador was very afraid of the woman at first as he was wandering in the severe cold.

The woman wanted to get the dog into the car. Although it was difficult at first, she succeeded as the dod needed someone to help him.

The woman fed the dog with tortillas to make him get into the car. It took almost 30 minutes.

The dog understood, that the woman will save him from this horrible life. She didn’t even saw, that they were captured by someone.

It turned out, that this kind woman saved many dogs as she loves this animals so much.

The woman posted the dog’s photo and wanted to know if he had an owner.

Thanks to this kind woman the dog will be adopted and will have a forever home.

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