The owner knew that her dog is very faithful, but she never expected that the cutie would wait for her so long. It’s heartbreaking!  

The loyal doggy waited for his lovely owner for 10 hours.

Ms. Zhang is the owner of a faithful doggy who amazed his owner by his action. She knew that her dog loves and is devoted to her a lot, but she was in shock when saw that the cutie waited for her ten hours by watching through their window.

The scene was captured by the camera of their house and it melted the woman’s heart.

The girl works, so she cannot stay with the animal all day.

Because of her hard work, she has to be away from her lovely doggy for hours and it makes her sad.

But she tries to be with her cutie during the holidays and weekends. She takes him to the nice walks, or they enjoy their time playing and running together. Even she thought about adopting another pet, but she changed her mind because at that time two pets would wait for her instead of one and it would completely melt her heart.

After seeing the touching scene on the camera, the girl was excited by it. And she decided to share it on social media.

After a short time the video became very famous among the viewers, who were amazed by the dog’s faithfulness.

Each pet dreams about enjoying most of their time with those whom they love a lot.

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