The caring man made the defenceless kittens trust him. Now they are in the safe hands  

When the helpless kittens realised that the man wanted to save them, they confide him.

After taking the homeless kittens to the shelter, who were found wandering on the streets, Kelssey made a cosy and safe place for the cuties and provided them with food and water.

They were about one month old with nice patterns on their body. At first they were very shy and all day they sat together in a corner of their room.

Later they began to approach Kelssey step by step and finally trusted him completely.

After a short time they were changed. They became funny and joyful and now they spend their time with their caring rescuers.

They are so happy and probably don’t remember their past, because they now enjoy their time in the safe and comfortable place next to the kind people.

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