That’s So Touching!- A Caring Officer Found Two Abandoned Pit Bulls on the Street and Refused to Leave Them Alone

The caring officer decided to save the abandoned doggies

Once Patrick Hennessy noticed something strange on the crowded street late at night.

At first the man couldn’t understand what he noticed, because it was very dark but when he approached he saw that there were 2 wonderful pit bulls who were left alone.

The man called the police for help and when they arrived they found out that one of the doggies was in an extremely bad condition, because it was probably hit by a car.

A passerby named Adam captured the touching moment on the camera and published it on the Internet, when the rescuers and the man were assisting the cuties trying not to hurt them.

They cutie pies seemed to like the police officers from the very first moment and started to hug and kiss them until the Animal Welfare arrived. The two pit bulls were named Justice and Liberty.

However, one of the police officers liked the cuties so much that he refused to part with them and when the Animal Welfare arrived he informed that that he would like to adopt the cuties and take proper care of them.

We hop that the cuties will get a loving and caring family, because these innocent and wonderful creatures really deserve to get a careless and happy doggy life!

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