Como Zoo enjoys the presence of a baby kudu in their big family

The newborn baby kudu, that is really cute

Como Zoo declared the birth of a baby Kudu on 6th of July 2021. The baby is really cute. Everyone adores her.

The baby’s mother was 5-year-old and her father is 7-year-old. The little baby doesn’t have a name yet.

As the zoo staff announced both the mother and the baby are feeling well. When the staff first visited them the baby was having her milk. The baby must be a bit stronger.

This newborn baby is alike a Disney cartoon Bambi.

The little Kudu is one of the antelope’s species. Furthermore, their tails are brown from the top and white from underneath. They fly covering up to 300 feet at a time. This is adorable.

They are classified as being near treat. The distinguishing factor of the species is that they have 11 to 14 white stripes on them. Also males have impressive spiral horns.

They came from the northeastern Africa, like Somalia, Ethiopia, Sudan, Uganda and Tanzania. And if you want to see them you can go to these areas or the Como Zoo.

The zoo is very happy, that this adorable animal is a member of their family. We hope the mother and her newborn baby will be the best.

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