A 73-Year-Old Deaf and Blind Elephant Was Luckily Saved and Her Wonderful Eyes Filled with Real Tears

The elephant couldn’t believe he was finally rescued and set free

It is hard to believe that there still exist some people in this world who think that animals can’t have strong emotions and feelings. This article is for such kind of people for whom this article is a bright example of the fact.

This story is about a 73-year-old elephant named Suk Jai, who spent most of her life in a cage and never felt what the real freedom actually is!

Fortunately, the cutie was rescued due to the Elephant Rescue Foundation.

She was taken to a special sanctuary that had similiar conditions as her common habitant did and she finally felt what was it like to live in total freedom!

During all these 73 years the cute elephant had been working endlessly for different owners and as a result of this her health suffered.

Fortunately, currently the wonderful old creature is feeling the true love and care from humans and is enjoying her total freedom.

It is so hard to hold your tears back when watching the touching story published below:


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