Heartwarming Tale of Loyalty and Love: Flight Attendant Forms Unbreakable Bond with Stray Puppy, Brings Him Home to Germany

The woman took care of the homeless puppy and was worried for her during the storm 🐶❤️👩

A woman named Olivia Sievers considered taking a homeless puppy, who walked to the woman from time to time after captivating the woman’s heart. A german flight attendant Olivia met a stray puppy named Rubio. She comes to Buenos Aires and stays at the Hilton Hotel.

Olivia was very attentive and loving towards the stray one, giving love, food and being worried during the storm.

She couldn’t make him leave or bring him into the hotel room. And the two have a special connection, as Rubio knows perfectly well when she arrived and goes to the hotel to find her. When she departs she seemed to know her departure time.

The woman was worried about the dog and she called the special organization to take the puppy from the streets.

And after that Rubio was taken to the makeshift residence in San Telmo and there she get all the love and attention she deserves.

But Rubio also went out to wait for Olivia to come. And the puppy went to the Hilton hotel once more to greet the woman.

After having such a strong bond with the puppy Olivia considered taking the puppy to Germany and adopting her into her family.

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