A Heartwarming Bond: Stray Cat Becomes Protector and Playmate to Newborn, Bringing Joy to Their Family

They are more than just friends 🐱❤️👶

Stefano de Munari from Italy frequently spotted a big cat near her area. The animal came and looked at her with sad eyes in the hope of getting help from her.

Seeing that the cat didn’t have a family and was in need, the kind woman, who was pregnant at that time, decided to take him home and take care of him.

After the birth of the child, Tiger, the catty, became a caretaker for the newborn, making her calm with his presence. They built a strong bond since the first day of their meeting and still now they are inseparable friends.

He never leaves his sister’s side and tries to make her happy or calm her down when she cries.

Tiger is very attentive while approaching the child, because the smart animal knows she is still very young.

This duo is so funny and they always entertain everyone around them with their sweet friendship.

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