The kind couples’ house became a true dog shelter. They adopted all the dogs, that no one needed 

The adoption of elderly dogs became their passion 🥹🤗

One day Chris and Mariesa started Mr. Mo Project and they couldn’t imagine things would take off quite like they did. At first, they planned to give elderly dogs care packages in their local shelter, but then they started taking dogs by themselves.

Their rescue network runs from California across New York and even into Canada. Their mission is simple, but not easy, as they want to make sure no dog is left behind.

In six years the couple has saved almost 500 dogs and it’s a huge amount when you consider, that many of the dogs would have been euthanized.

The couple started the project in memory of Moses, a sweet elderly dog, who had kind of outstayed his welcome at a local animal shelter. The couple managed to live only four weeks with Moses and they started to think about other elderly dogs, that had almost the same life.

Their project also gives dogs the best time that they have for their rest of the time they have on earth. It’s the sweetest mission.

The couple often collects money for expensive surgeries, but when they couldn’t reach the needed amount they had to pay for the treatment by themselves. They joke, that if something isn’t nailed down in their house it might be sold.

And this shows the couple’s true kind nature, that they are ready to do everything to give elderly dogs the best chance to live a happy and pain-free life.

Mariesa told, that they are very lucky and it’s their passion. They are absolutely blessed to be doing it.

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