A Tale of Love and Freedom: The Extraordinary Bond Between Summer and Amado, the Rescued Wild Horse

The owner even tattooed his marking on her body 😊🤗

The US government rounded up the wild horses. And one of such horses was Amado. Although he was not living free in the nature he was lucky to have the sweetest adopter ever.

The US government rounded up the wild horses by helicopter, where they’re chased for
miles upon miles, where they couldn’t roam free.

The government wants to take the land, where they roam. So now there are more wild horses in holding pens in America, than in the wild.

Humans do not always take wild horses. But this woman named Summer has already saved and adopted almost eighty horses and Amada became the first, who entered into her expensive farm.

At first, Amado was very wild, but she started to change and also began showing her trust and love towards Summer.

Wild horses also has their special markings ad Summer considered to tattoo Amado’s special marking on her body as proof of their strong friendship.

Summer adores Amado, but his presence also reminds her about the meaningless policy of the US government.

But happily Amado was adopted by kind people and given a second chance.

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