Discover the Sweet and Beautiful World of Bee Hummingbirds: The World’s Smallest Bird Species

The gorgeous birds, that have a sweet coloring

This sweet creatures are called bee hummingbirds, which live along the West Coast of the U. S. and also Alaska in summer. Bee hummingbirds are a little smaller and have no rufous color.

The sweet birds are maybe the smallest and true evolutionary species. They’re almost the size of a bee, weighing less than 2g, and are only 5-6 cm long.

They are different from bees by their beautiful coloring. They seem like flying diamond. They are really adorable birds and if you see them anywhere don’t pass by.

During their estrus season males have green bodies and bright red necks, while females are blue with a black underbelly and a black neck. Males became red or pink from the head to the throat and went around singing to attract female’s attention.

Their eggs are the size of a coffee bean. And mothers don’t let fathers approach the eggs, as predators will notice their eggs because of the male’s bright coloring.

These birds are usually fed by nectar, but from time to time they may eat also insects and spiders. These birds are said to approach almost 1500 flowers every day. But they don’t migrate from their beloved native Cuba and are happy with the subtropical climate.

They are absolutely gorgeous.

These hummingbirds are listed as near threatened and it means their population is decreasing. And it’s a big problem, let’s work together to protect the environment for these adorable birds.

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