A sweet little pig, who was cared by the new owner’s dogs

The pig was welcomed in a warm and happy atmosphere 

One day a girl found out a wild boar cub in the garden. The animal was very small, almost a few months old. The little pig wouldn’t survive without a mother.

And the girl didn’t know what was ahead. The first several days of adoption were easy. The pig was fed warm milk from a cow and also bathed in a bottle filled with warm water.

The girl continued to care for the pig, although she considered he had no chance. But the pig began demonstrating signs of improvement after she changed to puppy formula for her milk.

He must undergo hygiene training and daily water procedures. The pig named Yesiu was raised in a caring, affectionate household.

The pig was raised by the owner’s dogs, who perfectly took care of him. The boar was never alone, as Alia had four dogs. He was raised to become a friendly, sociable hog. Alia and Yesiu are still living together.

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