A sweet friendship between puppies and a small boy

Adorable connection, that affected the boy’s behaviour a lot

A small boy named Ollie usually poses with hairy puppies, that are a mixture between a poodle and a golden retriever. In reality the Instagram account of the boy’s mother has already 600000 followers.

Lily also has two other golden puppies from the same litter. Her boy named Ollie has a special connection with them and adores playing with them. Lily told, that it was a real happiness to watch Ollie trying to give the dogs treats.

And it is also very sweet to watch Ollie grow more aware of them during the past month, as he began petting and playing with them. People also told, that if Ollie saw the photos he could consider himself a dog.

He is very lovely, has sweet features, that he got from the family, but his mother also considers, that he has also some features affected by dogs.

The mother told, that the main purpose of her son’s account is to depress certain restrictions and publish videos and photos of her family’s everyday activities, especially those with dogs.

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