The two men acted simultaneously and managed to save the poor kitten’s life. So exciting!

What an excellent rescue!

Thanks to the kindness of humanity, one more helpless creature was saved and was given the second life.

Once a motorcyclist, who was riding on the road, spotted something strange in the middle of the road and stopped to see what it was. At the same time, another driver stopped his car for the same purpose.

The two men approached to the frightened catty to save him and one of them picked him up to take him to a safe place.

The two men began to talk together about the catty, whether it was lost or abandoned and what they would do with him. The car driver said that he couldn’t take the catty with him as he is allergic to cats, so the motorcyclist was so happy to get the chance to become the cat’s owner. He took the cutie home and became a great owner for him.

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