A really unique occasion: A pregnant cat came for a checkup just by herself

A gold hearted cat, that will definitely have a happy life 

No one knew in the hospital, that the long haired cat wasn’t alone.

The doctors found out she was expecting a litter of kittens after the examination and the next day her babies were born and were placed in a closed carrier! She gave birth calmly and took care of her kittens.

Vets were not ready for such a situation so they asked help from animal advocates, who immediately decided to adopt a fluffy family.

So the kittens and their mother named Tulip were adopted and she was very grateful for her volunteer friends and also her new safe environment. Tulip’s extreme friendliness allowed the foster mother named Natalie help her in caring for the kittens. Natalie gave the babies a nursing formula when there aren’t enough mother milk.

After some time the babies were able to eat solid food, but Tulip still took care of them as if they were babies.

The kittens were already grown up and went to their new families and Tulip needed to take care of just one kitten, that no one wanted to adopt.

The fluffy mother is ready to move to a new house and give love and affection to her new family. She is in love with people and their hugs.

Such a kind hearted cat will have a happy life, we are sure!

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