The dog noticed a beautiful butterfly, and fell in love with it. There was peace for 15 minutes!

The dog and the beautiful butterfly created the cutest love story.

Although there are many negative things in our world, each of us needs to live in peace and harmony. Here we present to you a love story of a friendly bulldog and a very beautiful butterfly.

Meet Mochi, a cute bulldog, who was walking with his owner, when a little creature decided to interrupt him and flight on the nearest wall capturing his attention.

Mochi hurried to say „hello” to the beautiful butterfly.

Although the bulldog is a bit rude, he realised that he must approach to the butterfly calmly in order not to frighten it.

Surprisingly, the little creature understood that the dog didn’t want to harm it and stayed there for 15 minutes.

The owner could take some amazing photos of Mochi and his new friend.
They enjoy the presence of the butterfly for only 15 minutes, then it stood on the owner’s hand for a few seconds and flight away.

These adorable photos express peace, love and harmony.

It was an amazing day for both Mochi and his owner.

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