The baby elephant excited everyone with his reaction after he had been separated from his mom. So touching!

After being separated from his mom, the baby elephant couldn’t keep his tears.

Meet Zhuang-zhuang, a baby elephant, who touched everyone with his reaction when he had to be separated from his mother: the poor animal was crying for about five hours. The case took place at the Shendiaoshan wildlife reserve in Rong-cheng, China.

When the zookeepers noticed the mother elephant was kicking her cub, they separated him from his mother and cured his injuries. Then they returned the baby to his mom hoping she would change her attitude towards her baby, but they were wrong. The mother again treated the cub badly, so they had to separated them forever. Fortunately, the cutie was adopted by one of the zookeepers, who began to take care about him perfectly.

This kind of attitude towards his baby comes from the environment in which she lives. Being in captivity does affect animal behavior.

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