The woman opened the mailbox expecting to see a mail, but she found out something strange  

What the woman found in the mailbox made her speechless.  

Once, when a woman wanted to open her mailbox to see there was a mail or not, she found a poor little creature, who was so scared. It was a tiny guinea pig.

The baby was there without any food and water, so the only thing the woman could do was connecting with special organisations for help. She called the Lyon County Sheriff’s Office, which immediately sent its rescuer to save the cutie.

It was unknown if the pig was abandoned or she lost her way, however she was taken to the shelter.

The Emporia Animal Shelter decided to take care about her and called her Rosita. The cutie with her attractive red eyes became the staff’s favourite. Af first she was examined by the vets, and it turned out that she was completely healthy.

Later it turned out that the tiny creature was abandoned by someone, who will definitely get her/his punishment.

As for Rosita, she will stay at the shelter until her previous owner will be found, and after it she will be put for adoption and will have the second chance to live in a caring family.

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