To save a dog hit by a car, a brave officer dashed across a busy interstate

How a brave officer saves a poor dog

For this dog, Sergeant Joseph Puglia proven to be a true hero. When he witnessed a dog struck by a vehicle on I-272, he stepped out of his car to help the injured animal. The sympathetic policeman didn’t worry about his own life at the time, but rather about the poor puppy who had been abandoned on the major street.

The policeman was initially concerned that the dog was not alive, but when he noticed that it was alive, he was pleased and took the canine to the Pinellas Vet Clinic.

The dog was checked there, and the veterinarian informed Puglia that he had no existence wounds. The puppy was brought to the animal sanctuary after receiving proper medical care. The dog was waiting for a family eager to accept him there. Puglia’s family decided to embrace the dog, so the puppy didn’t have to wait long.

He was given the name Lucky, which was a perfect fit for him. As a result, this dog was not in safe hands in Puglia, which cherished all life – big and tiny, human and non-human. Happy was content with his life and would be eternally thankful to the compassionate policeman.

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