A man rescued a duckling from the train truck, just when a train approached

The amazing story of a ducklings rescue

James Fox and Ryan Milligan were working on a railroad truck in New Zealand, when they found a lovely family, that had gotten into a pickle.

“After a work we had to collect our clothes, jump into a rail truck to let trains pass. We saw ducklings, that were inside the rail truck. They were stuck between the rails as they were little. It seemed, that their mother tricked them into falling into a trap.”

The ducklings wanted to cross the trucks and return ti their mother, but they were too small to do that. The guys saw, that the train was approaching and the ducklings couldn’t make themselves free without a help, so they went to rescue them.

“The poor ducklings had only 5 minutes until the train arrives. We had to collect them, as they were trying flee, but it only lasted a few minutes.”

Despite the ducklings tried to flee to different directions, the men were able to save them and also they had a time for a selfie. After being saved the ducklings rushed into the field to be reunited with their mother.

“We only heard her poorly quacking from the nearby fields. So we were sure, that the ducklings will be reunited with their mother.”

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