When the Rescued Little Brown Bear Meets a Bambi, He Tries to Stand on His Hind Legs in Order to Seem Bigger

The first meeting of an adorable bear cub and the wonderful deer

Both domesticated and wild animals are extremely cute and especially when we come across some amusing video of themselves they immediately win our hearts. Just recently, there appeared an amusing video of a cute black bear who just made everyone fall in love with him from the very first sight because of his cuteness and sweetness.

The young black cutie pie is named Boog who had been rescued due to some kind and caring people. At first the rescued fluffy black cutie was shy, but he was just getting used to his new surroundings.

Boog was also very shy when he first met his flatmate – a newborn deer and it seemed that he was even afraid, but some time later the little bear had enough courage to greet his new neighbor.

After several attempts the cute cub stood on his hind legs in order to seem larger in front of his new acquaintance.

It was clear that the bear cub was really proud of himself that he was finally is able to become friends with the new companion. And it is just wonderful to watch how the cutie did his best to make an impression on the deer.

Fortunately, someone managed to capture this adorable moment of Boog and his new pal and the wonderful video went viral after after first being published on the social media.

Aren’t they literally adorable?



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