So Much Hope!- This Wonderful Pit Bull Has Been Waiting for 1041 Days for Someone to Take Him Home One Day

The doggy has been waiting for someone to take him home for such a long time!

This story is about a doggy named Nitro, who is the resident of an animal shelter in Brookhaven, New York. At first, the doggy was living with a family but then he got lost and appeared in the shelter.

He is such a joyful and lively creature that spreads happiness around him!

But it is so difficult for him to live in a shelter, because every time he is in bis kennel he cries, pleading someone to take him home so that he wasn’t alone anymore. But when he goes out and sees other beings next to him the cutie pie plays so happily waging his little tail.

He has so much love inside and that’s why the most important thing he needs is a family, so that he could share all the love and care with others.

Despite the fact that the shelter staff adores him and their live is mutual, they even created a Facebook account which is called “Nitro needs a loving home” in the hope that some kind people would like to adopt him.

We hope that this wonderful cutie will soon find a loving and caring family, because he is so optimistic, kind and joyful that he deserves the best!

Don’t you agree?

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