Despite her bad condition, the injured doggy saved her puppies. The rescuers remained speechless

Due to the mother instinct, the helpless pups were rescued.

Greyhound is a caring mommy doggy who did her best for helping her defenceless babies.

Lianne Powell, a psychologist, was the first who noticed the helpless doggy wandering on the streets with a broken leg. She  immediately took her to the vet clinic for curing her. There it turned out that she was a mommy, but the place of her pups was unknown. So they decided to follow the smart animal because she would definitely  know their place.

Greyhound led them through the fields, streets and roads, and finally they noticed a very touching scene: 10 defenceless puppies were waiting for their mommy.

The vets were surprised by the behaviour of the mommy doggy, because she trusted the people whom she didn’t know and showed the place of her pups without hesitating.

Now the cute family is getting the appropriate treatment at Ellen’s clinic and when they become healthy enough, the rescuers will find a caring owners for them.

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