«Kardashian can’t even stand next to her!»: Rose left no man indifferent with her provocative look

All men’s eyes are on Rose who flaunts her curvaceous body in spicy dresses 😳😍

Many hold the opinion that D. Rose’s curvaceous figure, slender waist and voluminous hips never let any single one stay indifferent.

She is among the celebrities who accept their non-standard body which she often flaunts in catchy and revealing outfits with a hint of provocation.

However surprising it may seem, she is the biggest inspiration for millions. She has 20 million followers who sincerely admire her. The star helps others get rid of their complexes and insecurities and feel self-confident.

Everything started with the reality show she participated in. Exactly from this her overall fame and popularity began. She often promotes lingerie and swimwear taking part in various advertisements.

Rose claims that she has undergone no surgery and keeps her non-standard figure through radiofrequency therapy and vacuum massage for cellulite reduction.

It goes without saying that far not everyone would wear such daring and spicy dresses. Interestingly enough, translucent dresses constitute a key part in her wardrobe as well.

Millions expressed their delight and satisfaction calling her «a real Cleopatra» She is a real lover of revealing outfits that produce a hint of provocation.

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