«Ageless Grandmother’s Secret to Youthful Vitality». The grandmother showed her amazing body

The best advice is to be happy and don’t think about getting older 🥰🤔

This story is about a 71 years old woman named Carolyn Hartz, who was already a grandmother, but doesn’t look old. Although she is not young she has a fit body, glowing skin and an active lifestyle.

And she told her secret. It’s simple, she hasn’t eaten sugar or foods, that contain sugar for almost 28 years. She considers, that it’s always possible to be healthy and stay in shape.

And she also told, that a woman can get back to her pre-pregnancy weight and body even if she considered having a baby at 40.

Carolyn advises eating sugar and your favorite food in small portions and being attentive to the quality of food.

She wanted to make people understand it’s normal to indulge in something they shouldn’t, as everything may happen in life. It’s important not to forget, that life is beautiful even in the most challenging times.

And another important secret is getting enough sleep and relaxing. She considers vital to sleep at least eight hours a day and wake up with positive energy.

Carolyn’s three sons have daughters. She is a happy grandmother. And also one of her most beloved hobbies is cooking and most of all she makes sugar-free desserts.

She just advises to be happy and not worry about getting older and also doesn’t compare yourself to others.

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