People called her «hideous». Here she is now: This is how the girl with a unique birthmark has changed over the years

The unique girl whom people called «ugly» and «basically grilled» has grown up 🤗🥰

This unique girl who was called hideous as a baby has grown up and now delights everyone around with her exceptional beauty. Angelica was born in 2018 and with her arrival a completely new chapter started in the family’s life.

Her uniqueness was a special birthmark for which she was often heavily criticized and judged by her peers and all the passers-by.

«The worst Internet remark I ever received was when someone questioned whether her face had been forced into a skillet».

According to the mother of the special girl, people often called her hideous and extremely ugly because of her uniqueness. They both had to deal with lots of challenges and couldn’t forget those offensive words for years.

The little cutie has learnt to accept and love herself just the way she is. Her mother often did makeup so as to look like her daughter and be the biggest supporter for her. She always comforted her saying that the birthday would soon disappear.

She wanted her daughter to be self-confident and not to take rude and offensive words close to her heart. The birthmark she was born with didn’t have an impact on her health at all.

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