«Love knows no boundaries». The couple got married despite their 28 years age difference

Adorable love. The couple is still together after two years of marriage  😳🧐

Love is a special feeling, that sometimes makes people forget about their age. And today’s story is about the big age difference between a 50 years old woman named Sharon and a 22 years old man Perry.

Sharon had been married for about 16 years before, but then she had divorced. And then she considered trying to find new relationships.

She considered trying online dating and started talking to Perry, who was a romantic and handsome young man.

And after their meeting they became even more close to one another and soon considered getting married.

And amazingly both Sharon and Perry’s families weren’t against their marriage.

Now they have already lived two years together and now it was a funny thing for them when they were worried for their 28 years age gap.

They understood that love knows no age and has no boundaries.

Love can overcome everything. They wanted to prove, that nothing can stop heart matters.

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