«She was the face of Vogue». The small girl has worked with many popular brands

From Schoolgirl to Successful Model and Actress 🤗🥰

A girl named Anastasia began her modeling career at the age of 8. And today we will show her transformation after 8 years.

Anastasia was born in 2004 and her mother and father were a lawyer and an entrepreneur. She was already going to school, rhythmic gymnastics and also dancing.

She was 8 years old when she attended a talent show and a director saw her and advised to become a model. Her parents followed the advice and their daughter started working with many famous brands such as Vogue Bambini, Collezioni, Yes! and Harper’s Bazaar.

But Anastasia became even more popular when she started working with Armani. She even started acting in films The Milky Way, After You, and the musical project Insomnia.

Anastasia wanted to have a normal life just like other teenagers. She enjoys her studies, dancing and gymnastics and spends a lot of time with her friends.

Anastasia considers modeling as a hobby, but she receives many offers from top modeling agencies. Maybe she will continue her career in the future.

Anastasia has changed a lot during these years, but she still enjoys both her modeling and teenage lives.

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